Tartan Group Is a B Corp: How and Why We Did It

It took almost a year of work, but Tartan is now a certified B Corp, joining a league of other extraordinary businesses such as Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Klean Kanteen.

What’s a B Corp, you say? A so-called benefit corporation, or B Corp,  is a corporate entity that includes as its legally defined goals not just profit, but positive impact on society, workers, the community, and the environment.

“When I learned that being a B Corp meant committing to be a leader in sustainability and responsible business, it was a no-brainer for Tartan,” says founder Deirdre Campbell.  “Of course, it wasn’t so easy; among other things, we had to undergo an arduous process of analyzing and assessing our footprint and impact on all our stakeholders.”

To become a B Corp, Tartan needed to meet high social, environmental, performance, accountability, and transparency standards as set out by the non-profit B Lab.

Since opening its doors in 2001, Tartan has been focused on educating consumers about the value of tourism as a positive economic driver. Tartan has worked with clients in nearly 40 countries around the world including Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Korea, Jordan, Belize, Spain, Chile, Australia, and Ecuador. As an agency, its main goal is to spread the good news about its clients, many of whom are committed to a triple bottom line approach and making tourism as green as possible.

“We work with companies who have a sustainability mandate. One reason we became a B Corp is that we wanted to demonstrate that we share the mindset of our clients,” says Campbell. “To the team at Tartan, being a B Corp is a badge of honour. More than any award we have earned, becoming a certified B Corp shows our team that our values and goals as individuals resonate in all our work.”

There are a total of 159 B Corp certified businesses in Canada; Tartan will be joining five other B Corp businesses in Victoria including as Patagonia Victoria and Synergy Enterprises, which both also focus on promoting responsible and sustainable business practices in Victoria. Tartan also worked with Synergy Enterprises to complete the certification process and to measure its environmental performance to create an accountability plan for the company. Tartan can help clients seeking their own certification to learn more about becoming a B Corp, as well as guide clients through the process and creation of their own accountability plan with Synergy Enterprises.  Once certified, businesses also receive a page on the B Corp website describing its mission and goals and B Corp score which ranks their practices on a scale out of 200 with a minimum of 80 to become certified. You can read more about Tartan’s B Corp mission and score at


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