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Why tourism needs a Quintuple Bottom Line

Being a sustainable business is all about the triple bottom line—balancing your impact on the environment, supporting your people resources and continuing to make a profit. However, in the 16 […]

Cayuga Collection Nominated for the World Legacy Awards

At Cayuga Collection’s luxury hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, pigs eat whatever guests don’t and the leftovers-rich manure is used as biofuel for staff cooking; this is done to […]

The New Way to Market Destinations: Three Strategies

Marketing destinations has become a big business, with destinations from Peru (“Land of the Incas”) to Pakistan (“It’s Beautiful, It’s Pakistan”) launching slogans and programs to grab the attention of […]

Tartan Group Is a B Corp: How and Why We Did It

It took almost a year of work, but Tartan is now a certified B Corp, joining a league of other extraordinary businesses such as Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Klean […]